martes, marzo 31, 2009

5th Grade. Period Synthesis


Colombia-basic information:
Official name of the Republic, symbols (condor, orchid, coat, wax tree, anthem…) capital, main products, climate, religion, departments, capitals.

Naturals disasters:
Some naturals disaster in Colombia like: earthquakes, tropical storms, eruptions, volcanos…

Important Colombian dates:
Dates like: Independence day (July 20th), Battle of Bocaya (August 7th)


The cell is the smallest part of life. All the living beings have millions of cell. Our body has a lot of cells.

Cell and their functions:
A group of cells can be together and form tissues. Different cells do different cells. Plant cells and Animal cells

Tissues and their functions
When a lot cells have an specific function, they can form tissues. There a different tissues like muscualr.

The microscope
Know the different parts of the microscope (lenses, base, arm, illumination source…)

Present simple
Know the structure of the simple present. I play soccer in the field. She plays volleyball in the school.

Past simple
Know the structure of the simple past. I played soccer in the field. She played volleyball in the school.

Some geometrical shapes like triangle, circle, square, pentagon…
There are different angles like: right angle, reflex angle, cute angle…

Parallel and perpendicular lines:
Know the difference between parallel lines and perpendicular lines.

Some polygons like pyramid, cylindre, cube…

Solve different operations with addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

Solve problems
Know when it’s necessary add numbers and subtract number in an operation (436.967 + __________ = 986.438).

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