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4th Grade. Period Synthesis


Colombia-basic information:
Official name of the Republic, symbols (condor, orchid, coat, wax tree, anthem…) capital, main products, climate, religion.

Colombian departments and capitals:
Know the different Colombian departments and their capitals (Boyaca: Tunja. Amazonas: Leticia. Sucre: Sincelejo)

Colombian government:
The goverment in Colombia is divided in tree branches (Executive branch –president and vice-president-, Judicial branch –Constitutional Court- and Legislative branch –Congress-)

Celebrities in Colombia
Some celebrities in Colombia. Singers, Scientists, Sports, Writers… (Shakira, Manuel Elkin Patarroyo, Juan Pablo Montoya, Gabriel García Marquez…)

The cell is the smallest part of life. All the living beings have millions of cell. Our body has a lot of cells.

Nucleus and cellular membrane:
There are two important parts of the cell, because nucleus controls the cell activities and cellular membrane protects the cell of its enemies.

Living organism:
All the organisms wich have life like: flower, dog, spider, tree…
Non-living organism
All the objects which don’t have life: stone, river, sun, sand…

Family member
Know the different family members. Mother, father, brother, sister, aunt, auncle, counsin, grandfather, grandmother.

Countries and nationalities:
Know the corresponding nationality for each country. Colombia: Colombian. USA: American. Canada: Canadian. China: Chinese…

House parts
Know the different parts of the house: Living room, dining room, kitchen, garage, garden, bedroom.

Frequency adverbs:
The words which indicate us when we do something. Always, sometimes, seldom, rarely, never)

Months of the year
Know the twelve months of the year. January, February, March, April, May…

The numbers since one (1) until one thousand (1.000)

Do additions and subtractions with some numbers (235.975 + 740.739 =______)

Do subtractions with some numbers (484.639 – 305.627 = __________).

Do multiplications with some numbers (3.956 x 27 = __________).

Do divisions with some numbers (24.764 / 24 = __________).

Solve Problems
Know when it’s necessary add numbers and subtract number in an operation (436.967 + __________ = 986.438).

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