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3rd Grade. Period Synthesis


Colombia-basic information:
Official name of the Republic, symbols (condor, orchid, coat, wax tree, anthem…) capital, main products, climate, religion, departments, capitals.

Natural regions of Colombia:
Caribbean region, Andean region, Pacific region, Amazonic region, Orinoquia region.

Colombian economy:
Main products of Colombia (coffe, gold, flowers, coal, silver, salt, potatoes…)


The cell is the smallest part of life. All the living beings have millions of cell. Our body has a lot of cells.

Parts of the cell:
The cell has some organelles like: nucleus, cell membrane, cytoplasm, vacuols, mitochondrias and endoplasmic reticulum.

Types of cells:
There are two types of cell: procaryotic cells (simple cells) and eucaryotic cells (cells with all the organelles).

Function of the nucleus:
The nucleus is the most important part of the cell. It controls all the cell activities.


Daily routines:
Some actions (verbs) we do every day like: eat, take a shower, sleep, study, do the homework, go to school, talk…

Some animals like: rabbit, dog, cat, snake, shark, cow, horse, tiger, allligator, camel…

There are four seasons: winter (snow), summer (sun shining), spring (flowers) and autumn of fall (dead leaves)

Some time expressions like: seven o’clock (7:00), eleven thirty (11:30), ten fifteen (10:15), eight forty-five (8:45), one five (1:05)


The numbers since one (1) until one hundred (100)

Additions and subtractions:
Do additions and subtractions with some numbers (235.975 + 740.739 =______) and do subtractions with some numbers (484.639 – 305.627 = __________).

Spelling numbers:
Listen and pronounce the numbers since one (1) until one hundred (100).

Solve problems:
Know when it’s necessary add numbers and subtract number in an operation (436.967 + __________ = 986.438)

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