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3rd English Reading Plan. March 21st

[Judith Bauer Stamper]

See the lad in the cap. Hes is Cinderfella. He mops a lot. See Tom and Tim. Tom and Tim like to nap. “Cinderfella has to mop for them. “Cinderfella”, said Tom, “mop the mat”. “Cinderfella”, said Tim, “mop to it! Fast!”

Cinderfella was sad. He did not like to hop and mop. He was nos fast. Tap, tap, tap. It was Pam. She has a map. The map had a lad on it.

“Hi!” said Pam. “I like the lad on my map”. Did you see him?” “Yes” said Tom, “I am the lad”. “No, he is not”, said Tim. “I am the lad on the map”.

“See the shoe in my lap”, said Pam. “It is for my lad. See if the shoe fits you.” Tom’s foot was fat, Tim’s foot was fat. The shoe did not fit them. “The shoe is not for you” said Pam, “Good bye.”

Tap, tap tap. It was Pam. She was lost. “Hi!” said Pam. “She my map? The lad is on it. Is he in?” NO! said Tom and Tim. “Yes!” Cinderfella said to them.

“See the shoe in my lap,” said Pam. “It fits my lad’s foot”. See if it fits you”. Cinderfella sat. His foot was nor fat. The shoe fit his foot! “My foot fills the shoe,” said Cinderfella.

“He is the lad on my map!” said Pam. “I like him”
“Good-bye, Tom. Good-bye, Tim. Good-bye, mop” said Cinderfella.


1. Answer:
a. What are the names of the Cinderfella friends?

b. What is the name of the girl who helps Cinderfella?

2. Draw your favorite scene of the story.

3. Find in the dictionary ten unknown words about story.

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