domingo, febrero 22, 2009


Beautiful Smile

Darkness! Beautiful night!
Wonderful stars are shining in your surface.
You smile me
and I see a charming grin
in your face.

I do not know who is nicer
whether you and you beautiful stars
or she and her striking smile…
Now I know, she is more beautiful,
because I can see your shine in her.

I am in a dark side…right now.
But today it is different,
your stars are pristine
and I see her eyes in them.
In the dark nights, I enjoy your light.

Beautiful night…you are too beautiful,
warm, tender, shy and lovely.
Like she, like her face, like her smile.
Oh stunning night
thank you to let me see her
in your beautiful smile.

Davo: I just should say: "thank you, dear",
because without you I would not write poetry,
and this would not let to my heart express itself.

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